Friday, June 10, 2011

The Things We Do

I am still in the process of recovering from my surgery and as time goes by it has become more and more apparent that my memory has gigantic gaping holes in it. It has effected both long and short term memory. Last month I became very depressed about it all. I was very frustrated that I couldn't remember things and that parts of my life for all intents and purposes had "vanished". So things that have been automatic for me most of my life are now things I have to think about, concentrate on or are just inaccessible. 

I have been doing some "brain training to help recover my memory and get my brain back into working order and it is slowly improving. It is however going to be a long process. I realise and accept that now. Part of the problem I was having was that I wanted it to be fixed NOW or yesterday. There is no magic pill, band aide or wand to fix this. It will take time and work to repair. So I will take it easy, do what I can and the parts that can be fixed will be fixed and they parts that can't ... I will cope with. I am thankful that I am still here and that I was able to have the surgery done before the tumour took my life.

Sometimes a change of attitude makes all the difference. So I am back to looking on the brighter side of life and will be overcoming the challenges that come my way the best way I can :)