Friday, September 24, 2010

round and round and round

So, in the wonderful tradition of the perversity of the universe, my head has been playing up something shocking! 
In an effort to combat this unforeseen development I have been trying to concentrate on "other things" TM. So far this has involved photographing anything and everything that crosses my path and things that don't cross my path are soon moved rearranged and put in an appropriate position so as to BE photographed. To combat this particular distraction there has been rain...... lots of rain and gloomy light ....... Cue obsession with baking! I baked my tiny little brains out yesterday and photographed things in the process of baking, post baking, and about to be eaten. That all worked very well until I ran out of energy and things to bake.

I went to bed quite early last night with a fist full of drugs I LOATHE taking and woke up this morning with a head that felt like a Tim Burton sketch.
I am now stuffing chocolate cupcakes down 13 year old boys throat, much to his joy. The strudel has vanished and the huge roo and veggie pie looks like it will do part of tonight's dinner as well.

I need to find something to concentrate on that isn't going to wear me out so fast that is going to keep me interested and distracted so I can try and "ignore" my head until it decides to stop being mean to me. Suggestions please :)