Tuesday, June 16, 2015

4 years 4 months

Great news. No new brain tumour. My super blood test has ruled out what was a new suspect tumour, different type to the last one.

My brother had a beautiful wedding at the beginning of the month. The Walker family welcomes Claire into the family. It was nice to get all dressed up and go out with my wonderful husband. I think this is possibly the second time since we got together that we have been out together with him wearing a suit and me in a frock. Our gorgeous young man was one of the groomsmen. He looked lovely. We had our first ever dance together. Thank you to my sister in law Casey for the pictures!

We moved in to our new house the other weekend and are still living in the land of boxes. We are slowly creating rooms and spaces. I have had the dubious joy or sorting out the final week of the old house being in our financial possession. Monday night there was the furniture removalist who failed to show up to transport a final piece of furniture interstate. Today we had the mowing man come and slay the yard. He did a pretty good job considering. James rear window on his car has however been shattered. This afternoon I dropped 7 large bags of clothing, toys and shoes off to the community center who provided clothes for my friend's children. Later this week will be the skip bag pick up, fridge and freezer removal, final clean and (fingers crossed) book donation!

The only other thing of note to have happened since last post is that I will not be going back to Uni for the rest of this year.

I hope you are all happy safe and well!