Sunday, February 16, 2014

3 years and counting!

Things that are awesome (in no particular order)
  • James has started his TAFE course and is on his way to where he wants to be.
  • James has finally gotten his learner driver’s license.
  • Kim is back at Uni this year as well
  • I have the most amazing family and friends in the Universe!
  • I have started going to Uni and will be doing my Chem linking course next week
  • I am finding ways around my vision issues
  • I have just had a clear MRI
  • I have just had a clear EEG (No epilepsy)
  • I have started a 365 photo project to keep myself going with my photography. Each day I take a photo and upload it to my 365 albums on Google plus, Facebook and Flickr
  • I achieved part one (of three) of one of the goals I set myself before my surgery
  • The Paper cranes are coming along beautifully
  • I have had a huge boost this last week to keep me on track with knowing I am doing the right thing and following the right course.
  • I spent a lovely sunrise and breakfast with Andrew and Kim
  • I love my life