Thursday, August 16, 2012

1 year 6 months

A big post this time! 18 months was the first "you will be back to normal" markers. I had a wonderful day out with Markham on Tuesday and he said he has noticed the difference in me between how I was at the Brisbane Google+ Photo walk, my last trip to Sydney and now. I am more myself and I have to say I really am feeling "better/normal".

I have been doing really well at TAFE and am really enjoying it. One of my teachers has asked me to do a Diploma when I have finished this course. That was a huge shot in the arm for  my confidence in my shiny new brain. 

As per my post (2 posts ago) I participated in the Brisbane Running Festival and achieved and new personal best. I raised $170 for the Brain Foundation. Again a huge thank you to my husband for support me and to the Fletcher family for including me.

I have signed up for the Bridge to Brisbane on September 2nd. My race number arrived in yesterdays mail. I will be raising funds for the Brain Foundation again for this one, there is however a bit of a twist.  

This year they are running a "Hero Time" which means for every dollar raised they take 1 second off your Hero Time. The Hero Time is your race time minus the bonus seconds awarded for your fundraising. I will have until midday Friday 31st of August to raise as much money as I can to count towards my "Hero Time"more information here

I delivered the canvas to my neurosurgeons office yesterday afternoon. He won't be in til next week so his secretary has put it in his room for when he gets back

When I got to the hospital I had that sinking feeling and started getting really nervous... I have big issues with making appointments for Doctors since my surgery. After I dropped the canvas off I walked out of the office and burst into tears and shaking... Hello panic attack! We had a cup of tea and waited til the worst of the sobbing had stopped and then left the hospital. I am so glad I had my friend  Alonya with me or I would still be there falling apart.

I am so incredibly grateful this man saved my life. I would have been dead at least 6 months ago if he didn't agree to the surgery. what a massive emotional thing it was to do this yesterday. I think if he had been there I would have been an even bigger puddle of uselessness.

Charlie Teo is not just an amazing surgeon, he is also an amazing person who makes you feel safe and cared for. He truly cares about his patients and treats them like family. I am forever in his debt for saving my life and giving me hope. I was running out of time when he performed my brain surgery.

Meanwhile Peregian Originals needs your help and support! 

"The recommendation to reduce Peregian Originals to a maximum of 12 concerts per year (weather permitting) will lead to the destruction of event. The proposal has been developed without consultation with event organisers and disregards the wishes of a vast majority. Peregian Originals is a major feature of Peregian Beach's cultural identity and contributes significantly to the area's economy. In addition to destroying a nationally recognised 'whole community' cultural event with a 12-year history the loss of Peregian Originals will adversely affect Peregian Beach as a whole, resulting in the probable demise of the Peregian Beach Surf Club and local job losses."
If you would like to help save this iconic event please sign the petition located here

If you want to help out someone incredible deserving and in need let me introduce you to Ashley Chaffee. She is going to have brain surgery on the 20th of this month. They found her brain tumour when she had a scan after being physically abused by her ex partner. Ashley is a single mother of a wonderful little 6 year old boy. Her only income is from her curent job nd after she has her surgery her medical leave will run out well before her recovery time. She has no other financial support and needs all the help she can get. If you can spare $1 or more, please donate it to Ashley here