Monday, July 16, 2012

1 Year 5 Months

W O W 
What an enormous month! I was in the newspaper for the Pride of Australia Award. No more news on that at this stage. I completed the 21 challenge. I built some websites. I started study. Lots of news on that one. I got some test results back and am having some medication changes. Chances are I will miss things in this post as I have a phenomenal headache right now but I will continue with this post all the same.

Aside from all the new things there are some not so new things. First of all the Brisbane Running Festival is only a few weeks away! I am raising funds for the Brain foundation for this run and for the Bridge to Brisbane on September 2nd. If you can help at all it is very much appreciated. There is no where near enough funding for brains. These guys cover just about as many brain related things as you can think of, migraine, epilepsy, Parkinson's, cancer, spinal injury and so much more. Why not go and have a look at their site and see for your self? In November I'll be doing Relay for Life as part of a team with my youngest son, my husband, My sister in law and my brothers.

As I said I have built some websites. I decided to play around and see what I could come up with and this is the result so far Colloid Cyst Survivors (including a mobile site), Julia Robertson Photography and last but by no means least a Fundraising page to help me keep track of what I am doing!

I started study on July 9! I'm doing a dual cert in Business and Business Administration. It's been a big leap into the world of study and so many other things. I am catching buses to and from TAFE each day, making new friends, doing homework, keeping up with study and tracking timetables. I am doing pretty well so far. I have come across one hurdle so far. I am going to have to talk to my physio about my left arm again. I am really struggling with the touch typing segment of the course as my left arm gets very tired very quickly and my hand eye co ordination seems to be a bit off there. I'm sure I can either build up the strength in that arm or work around it somehow, it;s just a bit frustrating at the moment, not to mention very painful.

I am loving studying! I can not adequately describe just how much more alive and "awake" I feel. I need a bit more sleep at the moment on school days and have to manage my time and energy more closely at the moment but its fantastic feeling mostly "normal"

Results and medication changes. I went into hospital for some tests last month and the results were "delayed in the mail" I had a copy sent to me by my GP last week and will have to go in and see her to discuss the rest  of them but the bit I did understand in among all the graphs and EEG lines was that I do not have sleep aponea. YAY! I took my leg scan in ( the one i had done some months ago and forgot about) and discovered that the lump the radiologist said was an over developed muscle is actually a lipoma. Nothing to worry about. It can be removed surgically if required.

I am going through a change of medication at the moment. The old nasty medication which has been making my hair fall out, giving my a fantastic facial rash and killing my kidneys, is being phased out and a new medication is taking it's place. It's a long process to get the new medication up to a suitable level to start stepping down the old medication to get rid of it. I "should be off the old one by the end of August all things being fair and equal. The new medication has had some "interesting" side effects so far which seem to pop up for a few days each time the dose increases. Mostly headache and nausea (nothing new to me there) and burping orange juice flavour! Very odd indeed considering its Blackberry flavoured and I don't drink orange juice.