Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marvellous March

Yesterday was our granddaughters 3rd birthday. It was a lovely morning spent with her and watching her play with her little friends at Hippo's. I have to say I was feeling a little old having a 3 year old granddaughter!

In other news, I had my leg scan done and there was nothing to biopsy so no leg tumour! Ecstatically happy about that especially with the Twilight Running Festival 2 weeks away! I was not looking forward to the possibility of doing that with stitches in my leg! Sponsor me for the Twilight run here

Things are really picking up. Last week I put my resume in for a job and was called back in under two hours. Very exciting and scary. Now to wait for the second call back to arrange interviews etc. I'm really looking forward to it. It really is a whole new world for me now. So much has changed and so many opportunities are now open. We went out and bought clothes and shoes so that I'll have work clothes again. It was all a bit surreal and odd but we got there in the end.

I have been asked to write my story to be showcased on a website. It has taken a while to get started and is probably the hardest thing I have written in a very long time. I think I have it finished now. No doubt there will be things I have missed out or skipped or forgotten but there isn't a lot I can do about that right now. I've written what I could remember as best I could and that will have to do, I can't really do better right now.

I have finished with physiotherapy for the time being as well! I have improved out of sight and unless I have a bit of a stumble/back slide (which I'm actively avoiding) I don't need to go back. Very very happy. My Physiotherapist is a fantastic guy and wonderful at his job but I really hope not to need to see him a gain any time soon. I am going to continue with my brain training at least until my subscription runs out. It has been incredibly helpful. I'll be picking up some second hand secondary text books and working my way through those as I can as well. The only way to try and fix what is broken and put back what is missing is to try and learn it again I think.

Today was a wonderful day, I got back in contact with a long lost friend. I can't wait to catch up properly. It's been a long time between drink as they say.