Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birthdays and Brainiversaries

I have just had my birthday the day before my 11 month Brainiversary. My Dad's birthday is the day before mine so we have for many years shared the celebration. When I was little we used to share a cake, half pink half blue.

This year I asked for a treadmill so that I can get back on my feet and not have to worry so much about getting caught out in the heat in summer or the cold in winter. I did get one and managed to find and identical one (I didn’t know I was getting one) for my Dad the day before. So now my Dad and I have matching treadmills! Dad has had a chest infection for a few years and consequently lost a lot of his basic fitness. This way he can rebuild it in his own time and not have to worry about running out of steam and being a long way from home or trying to keep up with anyone else. My wonderful husband organised for my family to come and visit and spent the day making amazing delicious diabetic friendly food. I cannot thank him enough. He also brought home some beautiful carnations for me.

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As I mentioned it is also my 11 month Brainiversary. I have continued to work hard physically as well as mentally and fell like I am very much closer to being "Me" again. My husband commented yesterday that I have my sense of humour back and that I am standing up for myself more and not falling apart as soon as something is not "routine". I am adjusting to things and making plans! My Physiotherapist tis thrilled with my recent progress and attitude improvement. I'm very excited to have signed up for the Twilight running festival in March. I didn't think that I'd be doing this at 13 months post op but I am! The Festival is to raise money to find a cure for cancer. It’s an issue close to my heart so I thought it would be a good place to start. I am also hoping to do the relay for life in November.
Next month will be 12 months post op. I have decided to have a party to celebrate. I had thought to have one when I got home from surgery but I was far too tired and unwell to cope with a party or big groups of people. I'm not sure how I will manage with a big group of people next month but at least they will be family and friends and understand if I need time out. This has been an incredible journey. There are still some surprises, things I haven’t mentioned and have held on to since before surgery, but they give me even more reason to enjoy my life and love every minute that I have.
Life does not always work out the way we expect it to or the way we plan, some times it’s for the best. I am on a new journey of finding the best me I can be in my new brain. This year I will start doing some the things I put off for years due to my illness. The first will be climbing the Story Bridge. I also plan to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Auckland Bridge, for now though I'll settle for the Story Bridge.
There are always things in life sent to challenge us; it is up to us how we respond to them. You can bemoan your woes or you can look for the opportunity in them. Stay safe, stay healthy and happy.

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