Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 Month Brainaversary!

Things to update. I had my scan and it came back to hypolordosis and osteophytes. So no spinal surgery for me *happy dance* I will be having LOTS more physiotherapy but I can mange that. My latest round of bloods came in as well. Best bloods EVER! No cancer markers found *Happy dance again*
Have been madly preparing for Christmas which got sneaky and caught up while I wasnt looking. I have just finished the 2nd christmas cake (the first was devoured by the boys). The pudding is ready to go. Shopping is done (I think) I made a list and then promptly forgot to update it in the middle so I THINK I have everyone covered but there is a lingering doubt... the chilling thought I have forgotten someone cringe.

I made 6 million steps the other week which was incredibly awesome. It gives me a great sense of achivement. I can now start exercising properly which is something I haven't been able to do for oh............. 8 years. I have an amazing team helping me out with all of this and can not believe how lucky I am.

Have a safe an happy holiday!
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