Thursday, March 31, 2011


Its been 6 weeks since I had brain surgery. Some days it feels like it was yesterday others it feels like it was years ago. My memory is a little messed up since the surgery but it is improving all the time. There are some holes in it some really big ones that frighten me a little and smaller ones which are more easily explained by tiredness + recovery = forgetting things.

The big thing that disappeared down the rabbit hole was that during surgery I lost quite a bit of blood and ended up having a transfusion. I have no memory of anyone telling me about it at all until i was my local doctor a couple of weeks ago. It was quite a shock to discover how close I had come to not making it through the surgery at all. 

Anyway. Next week I fly back down for my post op check up with the neurosurgeon so we'll see how that goes and if there are any other things to be discovered that I don't remember :fingerscrossed: Everything seems to be healing up well on the outside at least :D

     Day2 Week 6